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The Friend Zone Zine+

February 26th, 2013

I have an idea for a zine about The Friend Zone. But it’d be whatever your interpretation of what The Friend Zone is.

Like, is it a Twilight Zone type thing?

Is it a zone where you spend eternity with the cast of Friends?

Who would be interested in something like this?

  1. batneko answered: That could be fun
  2. vanitygames answered: I’d draw a comic for that. This is me showing interest :)
  3. ohdeargodbees answered: I’d be down
  4. gckinsey reblogged this from theblacknerd and added:
    This sounds like an awesome idea. I’m a woman who’s been friend zoned a lot by men (and I know I’m not the only one!),...
  5. joecool answered: Wait what?
  6. theblacknerd reblogged this from theblacknerd and added:
    Reblog for the morning And anyone thinking this is going to be a mouthpiece for a bunch of raging misogynists to mouth...
  7. thestray answered: Man… I feel like that’s just going to turn into a bunch of misogynists whining about girls choosing bad boys over “nice guys”.
  8. grafked answered: It sounds like it’d be dudes bitching about how nice they are to all those damn bitches, just based on the name.
  9. juggahnaut said: B) Just make it like the Twilight Zone but with neckbearded dudes in fedoras floating around n’ being pretentious.
  10. juggahnaut answered: A) Did the word “Friendzine” ever cross your mind?